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Drug Rehabilitation

No one chooses to become addicted to drugs, but once a dependency has been established the process of rehabilitation can often be a long and difficult road to full recovery.

Derived from the Latin root ‘rehabilare’, which translates into English as ‘to return home’ or ‘become yourself again’, most, if not all, addicts would not be able to break their addiction without the aid of a certified drug rehabilitation program.

Drug RehabilitationLike any important journey, the path to a full recovery from drug dependency begins with one small step and the first step in any rehabilitation program is for the addict to admit to having a dependency problem. From there he or she must be willing to undergo treatment for as long it takes to reach a complete recovery. As such, the addict is not a passive observer in the rehabilitation process and must take an active role in his or her own recovery by following a step-by-step program designed to end the cycle of drug dependency and abuse. Once the cycle has been broken, continued success rests on the addict’s ability to stay off of drugs and avoid any relapses back into his or her old habits of substance abuse. Only when the avoidance of said relapses have been sustained can a complete recovery be said to have occurred.

That being the case, the goal of any drug rehab program is not simply to get the addict to stay off of drugs, but it is also intended to aid the individual in reintegrating back into his or her family and community life as a productive member of society. Often referred to as the "whole person concept", the road to complete recovery from drug addiction includes various components designed to get the addict to understand why they embarked upon a path of dependency in the first place and to help them understand the benefits of a life free from drugs. In order to do so, most drug rehabilitation programs include a variety of behavioral therapy treatments such as individual, group and family counseling, as well as self-help groups and vocational training that are meant to help the addict gain a deeper awareness of his or her own self and begin the process of full reintegration back into the community.

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